"Still thinking Thomas is out to get you, Roger?" I tease.

"It's because he is!"

"You're paranoid, dude," Ange tells him.

"Jennie, tell them about the death stare he gave me earlier tonight!" Roger pleads.

"Fine. Guys, Roger thinks Thomas the RA sent a glare his way this evening at the dining hall," Jennie says dispassionately.

Ange and I laugh simultaneously. Jennie quickly joins in.

Roger stands up and with his hands on his hips says, "Y'all just don't wanna hear the truth!"

The four of us are in Jennie and Ange's room. They are the first dorm on the hall to get de-tripled. Their roommate, Shandi, moved out this afternoon. It gives us the opportunity to hang out in their room half the night giggling.

Ange throws a pillow at Roger. "Give me the popcorn!"

He reaches into the bag and takes a handful of popcorn, which he promptly throws at her inciting another battle.

Ange shakes her head. "So Clara how are things at your dorm?" she asks me, changing the topic.

"Well me and Mel haven't killed each otherÖ yet."

Roger and Ange laugh. Jennies cackles.

"The vibe is very weird. There's tension and most of the time I try to avoid her. Raquel acts like a buffer when all three of us are in the room," I elaborate.

"Cool beans," Jennie says.

"Things good with you and Raquel?" Roger asks.

"Yeah. We've always gotten along fine," I tell them.

"Well, now we have more space. You are welcomed to crash here anytime," Ange says and squeezes my shoulder.

"Thanks. I appreciate it, but I can hold my own." I smile at them.

"Well, I might need to take you up on that offer," Roger beams.

Jennie and Ange share a look.

"My roommate Chris hooks up with the hottest RA in this building and Iím the bad guy because I told a few people?" He continues.

"A few people, that's an understatement," Jennie chimes in.

"Yeah," I agree.

"How did you know Thomas wanted everyone to know about him and Chris?" Ange questions.

"Well, thatís news everyone should know," Roger says stubbornly.

Jennie, Ange, and I throw popcorn and pillows at him.