You walk into her room and see suitcases and bags stuffed with clothes. The entire living space is in disarray. The tiny room, meant for two is letting one go. You try to be optimistic and not let it show that you are upset. You glance at her roommate, Raquel, and give her a small smile. At least she is trying to help. Mel is nowhere in sight. Thank goodness for small blessings. Your eyes rest on Clara, whom you can clearly tell is overwhelmed.

She stands in the middle of a tall pile of papers and fabric, attempting to organize it all. It is a tough situation. Move-in day was six weeks ago. Everyone was moving into their rooms on campus with the help of their family. This was sudden. Clara’s mom couldn’t take off work to come. Both of her cousins were unavailable as well. You think about you ex-roommate Shandi and realize at least her family was able to come and help her move.

Clara looks at you. You feel the weight of her confusion.

"Hey Clara," you say. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

An hour later you, Clara, Raquel, and Roger have things under control. You agree to go with Clara to meet her new roommates. The two of you walk in an underground tunnel to the next dormitory.

"Once again, I want to say thanks, Ange," Clara tells you.

You smile at her. "No problem! Girl, you know I’ll always have your back."

She returns the smile and the two of you continue walking. At the end of the corridor you make a right and walk up two flights of stairs.

"The room number is B223," she says aloud. You past B219, then B221. Finally you reach the correct room. Coming from the room is very loud.

"It’s the new Britney CD," a voice says as the door swings open. In the doorway is a short redhead girl with thick black frame glasses. Past the door, you can see three more kids in the room. It is mixed company of suburban teens. They stare back at you.

The girl at the door crinkles her nose. "Are you the new roommate?" she asks in a nasal tone.

"No, I am," Clara speaks up.

She turns to Clara and outstretches a hand. "Hiya. I’m Kaden Rowe."

Clara sends you a quick look. You’re tempted to laugh because you know what she’s thinking.

After a moment’s hesitation she returns the gesture and they shake hands. "My name is Clara Anderson."

"Nice to meet 'cha. When are you moving in?" she asks.

"Today actually. I just came to make sure the door was unlocked," Clara says. "Is this a triple?"

Kaden erupts in laughter unceremoniously, "Sometimes it feels like a quintuplet. But, yeah, we’re lucky to have one of the big ones."

"Cool," Clara responds. "This is my friend Ange," she introduces you.

"Hey," you say as you give a small wave. Kaden nods.

"Alright. Those are my peeps inside. We’ll head over to another room while you move your stuff," she tells Clara.

"Thanks, I appreciate it."

Kaden does a noncommittal shrug and turns to head back inside. "See you later."

"Wait, is the other roommate in there?" Clara asks.

Kaden turns around, "Oh Danni? She’s almost always at her boyfriend’s place."

With that she closes the door.

You and Clara look at each other. You get to the stairs before you both erupt in giggles.

"She is a piece of work," you comment.

"And I thought Mel was weird," she says.

"Hope she doesn’t play Britney Spears music all the time!" you joke.

"Oh gawd!" Clara exclaims.

The walk back to her soon-to-be former room, feels much shorter this time. As you enter the room you see Roger and Raquel watching something on MTV. Roger turns around when he hears you and abruptly turns off the TV.

"So what’s the verdict?" he asks immediately. Raquel looks curious as well. "Are they kooks?"

"Well, I met one of them. She listens to Pop music at full blast," Clara discloses.

"What’s wrong with that?" Roger says innocently.

"Dude, only you would say that," you laugh.

Your roommate, Jennie, emerges at the doorway. She just got back from class, "What did I miss?" she asks concerned.

You and the others laugh.