Every morning I arrive at the dining hall at 8:25am. Every morning Miss Gayle is there. She stands behind the scrambled eggs and seasoned potatoes with serving scooper in hand. She gives every student their serving, whether they are polite or rude, sleepy or alert. She never complains.

Last week we had a conversation that is still playing in my mind. It was a Tuesday morning. I woke up ten minutes late. Fortunately the second shower stall was empty. I took a quick shower then headed back to my room.

The dining hall looked a bit more deserted that usual. Lots of students find it hard to get there the time that I do. Usually I bump into Roger, but Tuesday is his day off. I put my book bag on the rack and swiped my meal card.

Near the salad stand there were a couple of students. I like salad but not before 11am. At the grill Eddie the chef was making an emo kid an omlette. I didn't feel like waiting. I walked over to the beige wall and took a tray. I spotted Miss Gayle talking to Marcia, the youngest food worker at the hall. I walked over to get some eggs.

"You're late," Miss Gayle said to me.

I shot her a smile. "No rest for the weary."

"This girl says she's weary!" Miss Gayle laughed. Marcia smiled. I laughed too, though I felt my cheeks flush a little. I'm sure they have a more demanding job than I do at this point in my life.